Rewinding machine in Rho


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Rewinding machine

We provide different types of rewinding machine in Rho.

Every machine is different from one another depending on the production cycle or on the material that has to be rolled up.

Hot roll laminating system

This system allows to match a thermo-base material (polyurethane fiam or PVC plastic films) with other natural or synthetic materials.

Our machine can also be equipped with different accessories such as accumulator, cutters and print heads, in order not to stop the production process to change the rolls.

Adhesive spreader

Our machines provide a reliable approach to adhesive spreading for several kinds of materials.
Moreover, this innovative technology allows a safe and environment-friendly match by using different types of adhesives.


Hot melt laminating system

This system is designed to handle different adhesive applications through the use of different glues.
These glues are dissolved by a fuser and then spread on the material.

Small-sized machines and high productivity are the main advantages of our product.
Contact us to find out if a hot melt laminating system is suited for your application!



B.G.R.’s accumulators are machines which collect the processed material in order not to stop the processing due to coils’ change.

An accumulator is particularly indicated in a non-stop system, because it powers material’s match without tension.


Calender and embossing machine

B.G.R. offers different types of very high quality calenders, such as: thermo-calenders, chasing calenders and embossing calenders, in which the rollers have engraved different customized patterns on them.


Coiling machine

We offer a new line of coiling machines specifically designed for coil coating industry.
This machine is used for winding rolls and is known for its long functional life.
Our professionals make always sure to check these machines on several parameters before the dispatch.